Life doesn’t end after the wedding day! This is why I’m passionate about the maternity & newborn stages in life, as well as families.


My focus in these select areas began as my OWN journey into motherhood did. I saw the beauty of new life in the womb in a whole new & extra special way when I myself was carrying a precious life. I finally understood how a “baby belly” could be seen as “beautiful”!

Strange as it may seem, I don’t think there was ever a time in my life that I felt as radiant as I did while I was pregnant! I wanted to document this incredible journey into motherhood & be able to show my baby these photos when he grows up, so I started photographing myself in my studio and outdoors. You can see photos from these “self-portrait” sessions here, here & here. I now enjoy being able to provide dreamy & feminine maternity portraiture & heirloom product to expecting momma’s who want the same memories I did during that special life journey.


Of course, the same was true for doing my own child’s newborn session. My baby wasn’t one to fall asleep easily for his photos, but I still managed to make it all work out & am so glad I did. Now I have photos of that fleeting age of his life that I never would have been able to re-create down the road.

I really don’t advise a new mother to attempt to her own child’s newborn photos….because, well… 1: Newborn sessions are tiring & a lot of work (& you are tired enough as it is!) 2: Nothing compares to having professional photos taken by someone (me!) who knows just how to get the best poses, quietest babies, & allow you and your spouse a relaxing time to just sit back & watch. Your job is just to feed baby when needed & assist only when needed. You can also enjoy being in some sweet photos with your precious baby!

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